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Y I want to join scvkidsatheart

2. My name is Jen, I live in SCV. I live in Miramonte and in case u were wondering, those are the big houses off of copperhill. I have a dog named Sophie and my biggest fantasy is to make mad passionate love to Karl Urban.( HAHAHA, I wish!) My sister is a brat and i am running on nothing but caffine right now.... I'm on track, as of right now I am running 100m dash, 4X1 relay, and (thanx to Mrs. Larson, grr..) long jump. I have an obsesion with the moon and vampires. That is all i can think of right now... yeah.

3. Hmmmm..... let's see, the list is simply too long....

4. I half helped invent it.

5. Too many to list, read my favorites.... AFI, 12 stones, Evanescence, Trapt are some of my favorites....

6. Oh, i dunno cuz I live here and I don't go off playing with immature skateboarders from Woodland Hills when my fiends are at my house. (jk, wacko, u kno I <3 u!)
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