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"This is real baby," that's what I said.

2. Uhm, I'm Stephanie, 15, attending Saugus High School. I absolutely hate this town and half the people who live here, but I'm hoping for the best and to befriend a few more Saugus kids. I'm betting that most of you have seen me around campus and have seen me be the obnoxious, loud one I am.
3. I know Ally, and I believe Matt was in my Right Way class. Uh, Jenny was in my P.E. class and I remember she hit me in the face with the volleyball when playing on her team in 9th grade. :) I don't really know Amanda, but I've talked to her like, once.
4. Couso's journal. (Dood, he hasn't applied yet, WTF?)
5. Coheed and Cambria, Everwefall, Bright Eyes, The Spill Canvas, Brand New, Boys Night Out, Transistor Transistor, The Prisoners Dilemma, S.T.U.N. ....
6. Why do I think I have SCV spirit? I don't have SCV spirit, unfortunately, but like most of the kids in the SCV, I'm fucking ugly.

Haha, I kid, I kid. :)]
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